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Why to work on Road Safety !


India is a developing country and for every development what needed is the investment of Time and Energy.

Motorization saves both time and energy required for the development. Therefore we can not stand against the motorization. Motorization is a must for every developed and developing country,

The world is rapidly motorizing and motorisation is directly proportional to the accidents. The report on accidents shows that more concerted action is needed and it is needed now. Without this, we can expect a rise in the number of deaths and injuries on our roads.

So in March 2010, the UN General Assembly proclaimed 2011–2020 the Decade of Action for Road Safety, a global goal of reducing the forecasted level of global road fatalities by increasing activities conducted at national, regional, and global levels.

In our country the situation is much more alarming. We are losing about 1,50,000 lives in a year (about 460 lives per day means one life in every 4th minute ) and getting 2,5,0000 people disabled in road accidents. The economic loss due to these accidents is about 3% of Indian GDP means a loss of Rs. 55000 crores to the Indian economy in a year.

Unfortunately the most effected in road accidents are the young people who are the bread winners for their family in many societies. It is truly heart wrenching.

Therefore more effective action is urgently needed to protect all of us on roads.

Ravindra Sharma
District Transport Officer (Retd.)
Project Director & Sr. Vice President, TDPSRSA

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