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Why to Join Us :

No individual can share all the responsibilities in this sector. Some can devote time, some can educate and some can support financially.

We, the members of TDPSRSA are pensioners and can spare time for this noble cause. 

We are able to educate the people, as we have a vast experience in this field.

In our country roads are being constructed to connect villages with the big cities, but 

there are no means to educate the villagers on “how to use the roads safely”.

We have prepared some Audio and Audio-Visual programs to help the people to understand how to be safer on roads.

We would request you all to arrange Road Safety refresher programs for the road users in any area / place / office / factory / establishment and call on us. We are always ready to share our responsibilities to save lives.

We would also request that our audio-visual programs should be shown to every person seeking Driving License. We shall be happy to share expert knowledge with them for Road Safety awareness as well as post-accident first aid help to the victims by arranging short period camps. 

                        Let’s work together to save lives and to make the Safe use of Roads.

Ravindra Sharma
District Transport Officer (Retd.)
Project Director &  Sr. Vice President, TDPSRSA

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