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Our Entry :

In a country like ours where the population is beyond 125 crores, even after the highest level efforts,  only the government cannot be held responsible and accountable for Road Safety. 

What’s needed is the commitment by both the public and the private sectors to train and educate every Road user to improve the situation.

In this context, the law enforcement, safety-awareness and trauma-care-agencies have to share the responsibilities of adequate involvement for effective responses.

Looking at the seriousness of the subject, we, the retired officers of Transport Department, Government of Rajasthan, decided to share our social responsibility in the sector of Road Safety.

The members of this Society have a vast experience (of about 30 years) in this field as during service period our main responsibility was to enforce the Rules and regulations related to the vehicles on the road.

Also the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration recognized a need for a multi-sector response and coordination between international organizations, governments, NGOs, foundations, and private sector entities to coordinate effective responses.

It is well known fact that NGOs are the associations who work to fill the gap between the work done by the government and the work required to be done.

NGOs can also influence decision making by advocating for the required changes by addressing the needs and requirements as they can closely watch the public behavior.

To work for Road Safety in proper manner we have got registered an NGO named “Transport Department Pensioner’s Society for Road Safety Awareness (TDPSRSA)” in the year 2013 and since then successfully working in this field.


Ravindra Sharma
District Transport Officer (Retd.)
Project Director &  Sr. Vice President, TDPSRSA

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